Corporate clothing

With a wide variety of corporate clothing, we can dress the whole team. Our team advises you from the search until after delivery. All corporate clothing can be personalized with your logo through various techniques such as embroidery or printing. Send us your request and we will help you right away!

Work like a team,

dress like a team

Extensive range of corporate clothing

Because we have a wide variety of brands, we can offer the strongest product from each brand such as: a pair of pants and a vest for your warehouse manager, an overal for the technician or the gardener or a body warmer that can be used for everything.

Specialized workwear

In addition to workwear, we also offer specialized workwear. Think of brands such as Tricorp Workwear, Mascot ProJob, ... Thanks to our years of expertise in corporate textiles, we can get you started. Together we work out a beautiful workwear collection so your employees feel good!

Corporate clothing projects

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