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Sustainable solutions brought
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Sustainability has become of big importance. Maximum Image also believes strongly in doing business with respect for the people and the planet. Therefore we have some initiatives to make a positive impact together with our customers.

Sustainability starts in the core

Therefore, we work together with Mier'o. Mier'o is run by Anneleen De Pau, who is helping companies to become more sustainable. Currently, we are using Green Power, we are reviewing our car park to use hybrid cars. We do not use bottled water. We are planning to put solar panels on our roof. We use recycled paper IF we need to print. We try to send as much documents digitally as possible.

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Local productions

We try to work as much as possible with European supplier and family business of which we have a personal contact with the factory owners. By working closer to home, we reduce our footprint and we keep social control. If we do work with non-EU suppliers, we also know the owners personally and we make sure that they all have BSCI certifications, meaning no child labor and good working conditions for the workers.

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Launching a new sub brand that is 100% focused on sustainability

Currently we are very close to launching a new sub brand that is 100% focused on sustainability. With this brand, we will try to inform our customers of all the eco textiles and merchandising that's available right now so that they always have a green choice. Furthermore, we want to share sustainable developments with everyone to really make the difference.

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