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Sustainable solutions brought
to you by Maximum Image

Sustainability has become of big importance. Maximum Image also believes strongly in doing business with respect for the people and the planet. Therefore we have some initiatives to make a positive impact together with our customers.

Sustainability coaching by MierO

Anneleen from MierO helps Maximum Image to work on our own sustainability story. After all, sustainability starts with yourself! Thanks to MierO we are working more consciously today. We reviewed our energy suppliers, our packaging, our car fleet, our investments in solar panels, and much more. Are you also interested in growing your business in a sustainable way? Contact:

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Hybrid cars & cycling to work

Our fleet will be renewed this summer. We are exchanging our old cars for hybrid cars. A large proportion of our journeys will be 100% electric. Our employees all live within a 15 km radius of the offices, so almost everyone comes to work by bike. 

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Launching a new sub brand that is 100% focused on sustainability

To make it easy for our customers, we are currently working on a sustainable sub-brand, BOOM. BOOM will provide all sustainable alternatives and innovations in our range of textiles & merchandising in one place. So nowadays you almost always have a sustainable alternative. Unfortunately, we cannot limit our range to only sustainable products from one day to the next, so we are making a transition through our sub-brand. Visit our website: 

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