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Custom made

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1. Brainstorming

We listen to your needs and will come back with some designs according to your imagination and within the technical capabilities of the productions.

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2. Aprove the designs

Optionally you get a sample, we start the production and the goods are produced within 4-8 weeks for European productions. 8-12+ weeks for Asian productions.

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3. Production & delivery

Goods delivered at your doorstep! With the right certifications, we know our partners personally to guarantee you the quality you choose and that workers are treated properly.

Why should you go for a custom made product?

Dare to create

One of a kind

Design your one of a kind product, created by you, for you. A unique product will definitely leave a mark! 

MOQ as of 10 pcs

You can start designing your own clothing range as of 10 pcs! (depending on the product you select) 

Made in Europe

Most of our own productions are based in Europe, nearby, so we know our partners personally and we can delivery much faster.

All types of clothing

You can design t-shirts, polos, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, hats, cycling clothes, running clothes and many other garments.
Start as of 10 pieces

Great news, special productions are now available for everyone.

Yes, it’s here! Create a unique look starting from 10 pcs. Don’t hassle any further with huge MOQ’s, we got you covered with our quick, qualitative European productions. 

Say hello and we can start today

Are you ready to start designing your own textiles?

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Private Label Products

Upgrade an existing product with extra details. Rebrand the labels and make the product completely look like it's yours!

  • Customization
  • Color Variation
  • Brand Identity
  • Add details
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